Video: Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Gaspesian Peninsula in “King of the River”

King of the River – trailer from MODemay Entertainment on Vimeo.

A trailer has surfaced for a new film that takes on fly fishing for Atlantic salmon in Eastern Canada on the Gaspesian Peninsula.

From the filmmaker:

“King of the River is a documentary series that invites viewers into the intimate world of Atlantic salmon fly fishing. The action takes place on the beautiful salmon rivers of eastern Canada. André, a charismatic long experienced fisherman, teaches the secrets of fly fishing. Exceptionally filmed with drones and water cameras, nature reveals itself in an unprecedented way.

The Gaspesian Peninsula is the first chapter (12 X 26′) of this wild adventure exploring some of the most prestine and magnificent rivers and pools of the King, the Atlantic salmon, located in Eastern Canada. Teaching and sharing the knowledge of fly fishing through an original documentary series, King of the River speaks of the habitats, physiognomy and habits of this prehistoric fish. André Paradis has guided Atlantic salmon fishing lovers for more than 25 years and he now guides people all around the world in the wilderness of the salmon’s habitats, sharing everything that he knows and works for him for catching the King.”

To check out more on King of the River, please click here.

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  1. This show premiered Last winter on WildTV in Canada and now Airs on WFN. Beautiful spot, great fish but is basically a half hour spot for Bombardiers, “Can Am” line. Buddy is a bit of a different cat too. I understand he is a revered guide but were there no auditions?

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