Video: Fly Fishing Travel to Africa for Bass in GEOBASS: Botswana

Costa has posted the newest GEOBASS adventure, and this one (as usual) is (to use an overused but appropriate word) epic.

From Costa:

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#GEOBASS is a new award-winning epic adventure series following four expedition anglers on an around the world ultimate bass slam journey.

In Episode 5, multiple hippo attacks and elephant roadblocks can’t stop the crew on a far-flung trip seeking emerald fire bass, African tigerfish and the giant golden bass of Botswana. Extreme temperature swings affect the bite, but an improvised fly made from hair weave material prevails.”

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One thought

  1. My Dad is one of the most distinguished ichthyologists in Southern Africa, having served as the National Parks Fisheries Research Officer for Lake Kariba in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, then in Lake Kyle until the late 1970’s after which he served as Curator of Ichthyology at the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe. He is still writing up his research and teaching fishermen in Bulawayo. I was treated to a childhood of African bass fishing second to none – I eventually captained the Zimbabwe Junior fishing Team in 1992… I loved this video – so glad the American gents found their quarry – if they ever wish to return for more Bass or Nembwe, I can hook them up with all the contacts they could ever wish for! Best regards – metiefly

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