Gear Review: The Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60L for Fly Fishing Travel

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

A little over a year ago, we offered praise for the 90L Black Hole Duffel from Patagonia – a bag we found offers numerous benefits for any type of trip and is a superior choice as a checked bag. Now, our love for the Black Hole series grows with the 60L Black Hole Duffel from Patagonia.

We’ve all been there – trying to reconcile a desire to avoid checking a bag with not being able to compromise the amount of clothing and gear we need to travel with. On international flights, checking bags can often be a bit unsettling, but those are often the trips when we need to bring more. The Patagonia 60L Black Hole Duffel might be the perfect solution.

To be clear, we cannot state that this bag will get the thumbs up 100% of the time from the airline and the TSA as a carry-on. However, as a Patagonia store manager reported that he has never had a problem, neither have we (and that includes flights to and from Italy). That said, this bag not only comfortably fits quite a bit of clothing and gear, but this is the perfect carry-on bag, as it fits in overhead bins, thus allowing easy travel with a sizable bag. In addition, several handle options as well as straps that allow the bag to be worn as a backpack make this duffel is easy to carry, especially when a lot of ground needs to be covered by foot.

Finally, the 1,200 denier, water-resistant polyester makes this bag both durable and tough in tough weather – ideal for the traveling angler.

To check out more on the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel, please click here.

– Tim Harden

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