Video: Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Hooké à Gaspé! Part 2

Hooké à Gaspé! Part 2 from HOOKÉ on Vimeo.

HOOKÉ has a new video featuring part two of recent Atlantic salmon fly fishing ventures.


“Phil had predicted a storm and all we hoped was that he wasn’t wrong. After losing five salmons in a single day, we had a chance of redemption on the next day. The Falls, take two. So after a night of turning over in our beds we climbed in the van with small eyes and great ambitions. We came down the stairs, the water had lowered so much that a new step had appeared. The river was still dark but we had stopped trying to see the salmons. We knew where they were, now we had to get them to react. Phil won the first drop privilege and took place at the beginning of the pool, he made a first cast, then a second. Then we saw he wasn’t wrong.”

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