Video: Chasing Permit and the Next Generation of Fly Fishermen in “Knockin’ on the Door”

Knockin’ on the Door from william benson on Vimeo.

Will Benson has been on a roll with outstanding new video content recently, and “Knockin’ on the Door” is yet another great fly fishing video short featuring the chase for permit from the “next generation” of fly fishermen.

From Will Benson:

“The next generation of fly fishermen are here to stay. They are passionate, motivated and knockin on the door of the sport. WorldANGLING is proud to open the door and tell their story. Will Griffiths is a native of the Pacific nothwest and had never cast at a permit before fishing with Will Benson and the crew from WorldANGLING. There is no denying that the future is bright, especially when you have the gods on your side and a permit on the end of your line!”

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