Fly Fishing Book: SALT – Coastal and Flats Fishing from Tom Rosenbauer, Andy Anderson, and Guy de La Valdene

Salt Coastal and Flats Fishing Book

A new book that should fit perfectly at the center of every saltwater-loving angler’s coffee table is SALT: Coastal Flats Fishing from Rizzoli Publications.

SALT is an extraordinary accomplishment, featuring dozenss of photographs from Andy Anderson accompanied by essays by esteemed saltwater aficionado, Tom Rosenbauer (with a forward from Guy de la Valdène). The photographs and written content take on a range of saltwater destinations and scenery. From Montauk, New York, where anglers tackle the blitz to Eureka, California, where anglers take on fewer fish but more demanding waters (cover image), both United States’ coasts are well captured. In addition, the authors well-document the Southeast of the U.S. as well as the Pacific Northwest including the Lower Dean in British Columbia, among other rivers where the ocean meets big rivers and the spawning grounds for anadromous fish.

This is not a photobook of grip and grin images. Let’s be honest – that’s played out. Instead, this book captures many dimensions of the sport with images that are not only symbolic of the many characteristics of saltwater angling, but also pictures that any angler can imagine themselves a part of. From the species (bonefish to striped bass) to boats and weather (and more), the broadly titled book is appropriate to the expanse of related content.

In all, this offering is a welcomed contribution for all anglers. To learn more about SALT, please click here.

-Tim Harden

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