Photo: Mighty Musky from Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

Credit: Two Fisted Heart Productions
Credit: TwoFisted Heart Productions

Fly fishing for musky is getting some overdue love from fly anglers, and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing in Virginia is all over it like a musky on a big streamer.

These critters are big, toothy, often display beautiful patterns and coloration, and they make for great photos! The picture above comes from TwoFisted Heart Productions – the Washington, D.C. area production group that worked on the much acclaimed new fly fishing film, Blood Knot, which highlights the fly fishing ventures of the Trow brothers of the Shenandoah Valley (and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing).

The Shenandoah Valley beautiful, mountainous, full of thick forests, and features a range of fly fishing opportunities for numerous species. While trout and smallmouth bass fishing in the area is top notch, the commitment to also taking on musky in the valley is getting Mossy Creek a great deal of attention.

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