Video: Fly Fishing Swedish Lapland in “Yes, On the fly!”

Season II Episode I: “Yes, On the fly!” from BrothersOnTheFly on Vimeo.

Brothers on the Fly has a new video of fly fishing ventures in Swedish Lapland.

From the filmmakers:

“This is the first episode of Season 2, so if you haven’t watched our first film, make sure you do that first.

Arriving in Swedish Lapland where our oldest brother Jan lives, is always very exciting since densely populated Germany just can’t keep up when it comes to wild rivers and lakes. Unsurprisingly, we never waste much time with things unrelated to fishing…….Also, how did Lukas pick up Fly Fishing?!

As usual, don’t expect fishporn!

A little support via the tipchar will help us make more films and would be highly appreciated!

Sorry for the long wait! Episode 2 will be out before long!”

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