Exploring a Fly Fishing Life in Kiss the Water from Eric Steel

Kiss the Water

Kiss the Water is one of the most captivating fly fishing films ever made.

This is a bold statement, especially considering the mass influx of films in recent years. That stated, the story of Megan Boyd and the magnificent way in which filmmaker, Eric Steel, tells her extraordinary tale is both beautiful and mesmerizing.

Kiss the Water has the elements of a fly fishing film that all anglers seek: beautiful images of natural landscapes, fish and tying images, and a depiction of a passion that we all share. Kiss the Water delivers more. The story of Megan Boyd is one that many anglers seek to share: a life committed to the sport, simplicity, innovative tying, and exceptionally productive time in the water. While many seek notoriety for ego, Boyd received attention for the best reasons, namely her exquisite flies. In telling her story, Steel delivers a masterpiece that draws the viewer to every precious moment of every scene.

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To watch Kiss the Water, please click here.

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