Video: Fly Fishing North Georgia in “Freezin'”

Freezin’ from Winged Reel on Vimeo.

The crew at Winged Wheel have released a fly fishing video that explores North Georgia during some recent cold times.

From Winged Wheel:

“At it again, The WR crew with some thoughts on winter fishing and givin’ good reason to be freezin’. This film was shot over the course of three days in North Georgia. An overnight cabin stay turned into an extra night and a food shortage when Atlanta’s “Snowpocalypse” hit in late January. We at first felt cursed by our timing with the weather, looking back we were quite blessed. The trip had some extreme highs and low (not only in temperatures, but in attitudes and meals).

A lot of folks here in the Southeast hang it up when there is plenty of open water. Hope this short film inspires you to bundle up and get out before one of our favorite fishing seasons has passed you by.”

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