Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing: Pursuing Fish on the Fly Worldwide for Decades

Jeff Currier is the ultimate world traveling angler.

For decades, Jeff Currier has aggressively pursued fish of all shapes and sizes on a fly rod. Considering saltwater alone, Jeff has caught over 100 different species of salty critters, and Jeff can frequently be seen in fly fishing magazines and films. Among recent appearances, Jeff was chasing exotic backcountry critters in Waypoints, catching Taimen in Mongolia in Soul Fish 2, and he was hoisting a toothy tigerfish from a trip to Africa in the newest issue of The Drake.

Jeff is notoriously knowledgeable and resourceful, and for those interested in fly fishing travel and all of the fish in the sea, Jeff’s website, Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing, is an especially appealing site. From great fish photos and his incredible artwork to published articles and adventure updates via his blog, Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing is an excellent source for anglers interested in travel.

To check out Jeff Currier’s site (recommended), please click here.

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