Video: Chasing Cold Weather Pike in “Cold Reeds”


In a 22-minute, lengthy fly fishing video, a team of anglers from Finland chase big, toothy pike. Despite the cold, the anglers are rewarded for their efforts.

From the filmmaker:

“We are Cold Reeds Team. Five quite different fly fishermen from southern Finland. Though we are quite different, we share one passion: Yellow eyes, big powerful jaws with needle sharp teeth and green, spotty skin with scales… Yep, the northern pike and how to catch them with these furry, colourful and messy things called flies.

Icy fingers and toes. Short, crappy casts because of (too) big flies. Freezing water or wet snow, flying 30 miles per hour straight to the face. But when you feel that furious bite at the end of the line, trying to destroy your furry, colourful and messy thing called fly – it all becomes worth of it. That is the goal, that is the prize and that is what our film Cold Reeds is all about. With an explosion of artsy fly fishing vibes.

As a scene in the film there is the archipelago of the Baltic sea, Finland. Twenty thousand islands creating an endless labyrinth of sea and land, that also create an endless amount of places for these predators to ambush. And an endless amount of places for us to search for them.”

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