Video: Bull Trout and Grayling in Alberta in CONFLUENTUS from Adipose Fly Fishing

CONFLUENTUS – Fly Fishing – An Adipose Fly Fishing Production from Adipose Productions on Vimeo.

Adipose Fly Fishing has been getting a buzz for their new video featuring a fly fishing trip to Alberta, Canada.

From the filmmaker:

“In the summer of 2013, the boys from Adipose Fly Fishing ventured north to a part of Alberta that few anglers have ever set foot in. What they found, was an over abundance of healthy Bull trout and Grayling. During our time, we tried to put a new spin on fly fishing for Bull Trout. What we found, blew our minds! We are proud to present our 3rd short film, CONFLUENTUS, An Adipose Fly Fishing Production.”

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One thought

  1. Nice filming , had to turn off the dreadfull noise/ music though. If catch and release why insist on handling fish repeatedly ? This harms fish big time. Keep them in the net don’t touch them, it’s an ego thing all this handling. Apart from the groans I really liked the locations and filming. Better soothing music and no handling and you have a winner.🎣🐟

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