Campaign Launched to Support Recapture – A Fly Fishing Film

Recapture Indiegogo from Shane Scherholz on Vimeo.

We recently posted the trailer for Recapture — a fly fishing documentary film with an incredible story. As expected, the trailer generated quite a buzz, and now a campaign has been launched to support the film and bring the impressive story to viewers.

From the filmmaker:

Recapture is a documentary about Mike Percelli, who’s father abruptly lost his battle with leukemia. Mike is going back to capture new memories of old dreams.

Mike Percelli was five years old when his dad, Joel, took him fly-fishing for the first time. A Father and son, side-by-side, waist deep in waders with fly rod in hand along the upper Delaware River. Their frequent trips cultivated a deeper bond for the pair, as both father and son and as a fishing duo. Together they dreamed of the perfect places to cast together, not knowing that they would never have the opportunity to visit many of those locations. When Mike was 15 years old his father Joel Percelli was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Mike watched Joel battle the disease for 12 years. Finally, after multiple rounds of treatments, he was told his cancer had gone into remission once again. Three days later, things took a turn for the worse and doctors were forced to induce a coma. One month later Mike’s father passed. The family was devastated by his sudden death and for two years Mike could not bear to cast without his best fishing buddy. 

Mike has since regained the strength to bring Fly-Fishing back into his life and now guides the rivers of New York State to deliver his clients the same joy his father delivered to him as a young boy. After all, Fly-Fishing is not about who catches the most fish, or the largest, but who has the biggest smile on their face at the end of the day. 

Since the death of his father Mike has been tortured by the fact that he was never able to physically say goodbye before his abrupt passing. To achieve closure and to honor his father, Mike decided to create a film as a memorial, dedicated to portraying the activity that cemented the bond between him and his father. 

Eight years after his loss, armed with fly rods and cameras, Mike and a few of his closest friends are exploring the fresh and saltwater environments of the North America to fulfill the dreams of a lost father and his son. Along the journey, Mike will recapture the years he had on the rivers with his father and create new memories with the friends he brings along. Behind the lens will be the members of Cinema Architects, a Philadelphia based production team known for there noteworthy documentary talents that have delivered them awards for “Best Documentary” in addition to the “Silver Telly”.  

This film is an honest portrayal of the beautiful art of Fly Fishing and the relationships that subsequently form around it. The community that has been built around the sport transcends the boundaries erected by class, race, or place of origin, and speaks only in the peaceful and universal language driven by the pursuit of the pull. Your support will help document an incredible journey of one man to not dwell on the death of his father, but to celebrate his life by pursuing the dreams they created together.”

To support the campaign, please click here.

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