Video: Seeking Steelhead in “In Search of the Grab” from Simms

Simms has released a new fly fishing film short that features the motions, methods, and madness (perhaps) of spey fishing for Pacific Northwest steelhead.

From Simms:

“Cold mornings, colder boat rides. Spey rods. Empty rivers. Cast. Swing. Step. Repeat. The rhythms of late season steelheading are driven by a need for solitude and passionate anticipation – the next cast could be the one. In this short video, Tom Larimer and Ryan Buccola, settle into the motions of late fall steelheading – in search of that elusive, electrifying grab that sends shivers down the spines of steelhead anglers everywhere.”

To check out more from Simms, please click here.

Disclosure: Simms is in a professional relationship with the Fly Fishing Guide Directory, LLC and the Venturing Angler. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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