Fly Fishing Gear: Patagonia Stormfront® Sling 20L

Patagonia Sling

Patagonia has put forth some excellent packs in recent years, and the Stormfront® Sling is among their best pieces of fly fishing gear.

The Stormfront® Sling is part of the Stormfront series that offers waterproof technology to fly fishing travel gear. Although not specifically designed for the sole purpose of travel, this piece allows anglers to hit the flats, the river, or other waters with everything from cameras to passports without fear of the surrounding threat of water. As a sling, the Stormfront® Sling allows anglers access to necessary gear (or food) in a less-bulky, easy access pack.

To check out the Patagonia Stormfront® Sling 20L, please click here.

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