Wanted: Testimonials (for a chance at a signed copy of Tideline by Kirk Deeter)

A few years back, a gorgeous hardcover book was released called, Tideline: Captains, Fly Fishing and the American Coast.

Written by Kirk Deeter and Andrew Steketee and featuring the photography of Marco Lorenzetti, the book focuses on a number of saltwater fly fishing captains from U.S. coast-to-coast.

The Fly Fishing Guide Directory is seeking testimonials of guides, outfitters, and lodges based on angler experience. Have any to share? If so, please email them to info@flyfishingguidedirectory.com for a chance for them to appear on The Fly Fishing Guide Directory and a raffle opportunity for a signed copy of Tideline.

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  1. I learned how to fly fish about 7 years ago, and even went fly fishing on my honey moon back then. Shortly after that my now ex husband taught me how to tie a Woolley bugger. Shortly after we parted ways , and I have not had the chance or finances to further my tying skills. I love everything about fly fishing and would love to be involved in every part. Fishing, tying and preservation of the lakes and streams. Thank you

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