Chilling Out on Black Friday II

Two years ago on Black Friday, Patagonia placed a full-page ad in the New York Times (above) discouraging materialism and also promoting their Common Threads Initiative as well as an ethic of simplicity on the day that Americans literally kill one another for material goods that they arguably do not need.

This year (today), Patagonia spent their dollars on another full-page New York Times ad (below) furthering what ought not be revolutionary attitudes in our times about materialism.

Patagonia ad

Patagonia has also released a video called “Worn Wear.” In the video, Patagonia furthers the age-old notion that we should not be wasteful consumerists that don’t make the most of our clothing and gear.

Fly anglers know one thing: The simple things are the things that matter. Standing in a river in the freezing rain trumps standing in a mall. We need nature, dirt, water. We don’t need the newest … thing.

If you are gearing up on Black Friday this year, one thing to consider: shopping small businesses. Hit up your local fly shop rather than the big box stores and catalogs. Nothing local? Go online ans support fly shops in areas in Idaho, Colorado, California and elsewhere that were hit with wildfires and other disasters.

The best option: Going fly fishing on Black Friday and relaxing!

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