Gear: Thomas & Thomas Announce DNA Switch Series Rods

Thomas & Thomas Switch

Thomas & Thomas have announced a new switch rod for big water, big fish fly anglers.

From Thomas & Thomas:

USA fly rod maker, Thomas & Thomas is pleased to announce the launch of its DNA Switch series for the 2014 season.

Key Features:

–       Medium fast action, multi modulus, clear graphite blank

–       Black anodized, milled aluminum, down-locking reel seat with Thomas & Thomas roll stamp

–       Titanium Silicon Carbide and Smoke Universal Snake Brand guides

–       Beautiful burled maple wood spacer

–       Black silk wraps with pumpkin trim wraps

–       Premium ‘Switch’ cork grip with aluminum winding check.

–       Black aluminum rod tube and tan rod bag with stiffener

–       Made one at a time in USA by craftsmen

Spey is our DNA – and now Switch too. The series is comprised of eight, four piece models, 1004-4, 1005-4, 1006-4, 1007-4, 1008-4, 1105-4, 1106-4, 1107-4 with prices starting at $860 and will be available at fly shops and online at from November 1, 2013.

Unlike a lot of rod designers, Thomas & Thomas do not view Switch rods as small Spey rods. We make a clear distinction between the two and have worked hard to develop rods that really do enable you to ‘Switch’ between any conceivable casting style with a single rod. The versatility of these rods cannot be overstated – every style of casting from single handed, single handed spey, two handed overhead, traditional spey and sustained anchor styles can be accommodated by the unique actions of the DNA Switch.

Tom Dorsey has designed all types of fly rods from bamboo, fiberglass and graphite and has felt the pressure of building rods commissioned by the President of the United States. So when he describes the development of our Switch rods as the biggest design challenge of his career you get a feel for the level of sophistication employed to create these actions. Now in 4 and 5 weights for trout and warmwater applications the DNA Switch is a new triumph in the continual evolution of fly rods and one we are very proud to offer.

Commenting on the new DNA Switch series Mark Richens said, “Switch rods have been a strong category for Thomas & Thomas and we wanted to take the technological lessons learned from our DNA two handers and apply them in this area. The result is a smooth progressive action, light in the hand and incredibly versatile rod series. Recognizing that most Switch rods are used in freshwater we opted for a wooden reel seat spacer which gives the new DNA Switch an elegant look, fit to grace the most sacred trout, salmon and steelhead streams.”

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