Trailer: Tarpon in Portugal? Amazing Fishing Story in “The Lost Tarpon”

From BlueTail Films, an initially unbelievable story of anglers in Portugal who caught a tarpon in 1980. That is correct: tarpon in Europe and photos to match. Since then, the anglers have continued pursuing tarpon and their recent ventures are documented in light of their incredible day of fishing from 33 years earlier.

From the filmmaker:

“In November 1980, in my hometown, two fisherman caught something that they had never seen before.
This is probably the only existing proof about the accidental capture of tarpons in Europe. Another one was caught in 1973, in Tejo River (Lisbon) but no photo, only a replica in the Museum Vasco da Gama in Lisbon!
Now I leave my hometown with a friend to try to catch a large tarpon on the other side of the Atlantic.
This is the trailer of the documentary “The Lost Tarpon”, with José Rodrigues, Luís Mira and Leonel Henriques.”

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