Video: Fly Fishing for British Columbia Steelhead in “Swingin’ For Steel” from Wild On The Fly

The Wild On The Fly crew has a history of delivering innovative and interesting content on fly fishing exploits throughout the world. The Wild On The Fly web series is an excellent cache of videos from many of these ventures, and in the video above, WOTF heads to remote British Columbia rivers for steelhead.

From Wild On The Fly:

“Here’s a blast from the past! Nearly a decade ago we began fishing the remote Bell Irving, Nass and Damdochax rivers in Northern BC. This is a little known and very wild steelhead destination accessed and supported by a heli-skiing lodge. It was the venue for one of our first video efforts produced for television. We brought along Andy Murray, English Spey fisherman extraordinaire, in the hopes of filming this Atlantic salmon maestro catching his first steelhead. In Part 1 we dive into the angling and native sub-culture of British Columbia and get introduced to winter-conditions steelheading by outfitter Geoff Straight and our own double-hander veteran Vern Olson.”

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More on this fly fishing destination:

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada and is treasured by outdoors enthusiasts for its natural beauty that feature both Pacific coastline and magnificent mountain ranges. British Columbia has massive rivers that access the Pacific Ocean and welcome anadromous fish that attract anglers from all over the globe. B.C. welcomes all five species of Pacific salmon, but perhaps the greatest draw for anglers are the steelhead that make their way into Western Canadian rivers. In addition to salmon and steelhead, B.C. has bull trout, dolly varden, and sea run cutthroat, among other freshwater species.

The rivers of British Columbia are large, and for this reason, float trips are an attractive option for many anglers. In addition, to cover water effectively, Spey and switch rods are go-to rods for many salmon and steelhead anglers in B.C.

British Columbia has many prized rivers, but some rivers of note include the Skeena and related tributaries such as the Sustut, Babine, Bulkley, and Zymoetz Rivers, as well as the Damdochax, Dean, Pitt, Nass, Bell Irving, Columbia, Morice, and the Fraser Rivers (to name a few).

B.C. also has wildlife that add an element to angling in Western Canada. Bald eagles, wolverines, moose, and grizzly bears bring anglers plenty to look for in the British Columbia wilderness.

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