Fly Fishing Photography: Angling Through the Unique Lens of Tosh Brown

Tosh Brown 2

Credit: Tosh Brown

Tosh Brown is an incredible photographer who brings a different angle to fly fishing photography.

An angler (in more ways than one) and photographer who has traveled to the most thrilling fly fishing destinations throughout the world, Brown brings a range of angling photos and reveals fly fishing pursuits in unique photographic fashion.

Tosh Brown 1

Credit: Tosh Brown

Brown has been to destinations such as Alaska, Christmas Island, and the Amazon and has captured the essence of fly fishing, hunting, shooting, and wildlife. His work has been widely published, including in such magazines as Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, The Drake, and Flyfish Journal.

Credit: Tosh Brown

Credit: Tosh Brown

To check out more from Tosh Brown, click here.

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  1. Some beautiful shot. Love the look of the half submerged pics.

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