Destination Maryland: Mountains, Solitude, and Wild Trout with Savage River Outfitters

Savage River Outfitters

Western Maryland is home to thick forests, stunning mountains, and rivers than run through them that are filled with gorgeous wild trout that have drawn anglers to the remote hillsides for generations.

Heading out of the madness of Washington, D.C., an angler is only about an hour west when the Appalachian range soars near Frederick, Maryland. Suddenly, anglers are surrounded by little more than an occasional farm or old Civil War battle site. And as one heads even further west, the natural bounty is even more abundant until the full riches of Western Maryland are met.

Guiding this natural treasure is Savage River Outfitters, a guide service named for one of the more famed (yet remote) rivers in the area that is set within some of the more immense mountains of Maryland.

Savage 2

Mike Evans and Savage River Outfitters guide anglers on the Savage River as well as the North Branch of the Potomac River, the Casselman River, and the “Yock” (the affectionate local name for the Youghiogheny River). Wild brook trout are among the coveted species for anglers with other wild trout available as well.

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