Fly Fishing Film: Spring Creek – Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout

Spring Creek from Cinema Digital Productions on Vimeo.

Coming from Travis Lowe and Cinema Digital Productions is a film that will explore one of the most important issues facing fly anglers: water crises. Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout will highlight a number of these issues through the experience of Lowe on the Kettle River in British Columbia.

From the filmmakers:

SPRING CREEK: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout  is a fly fishing conservation film, which chronicles an angler’s journey for new water and big trout.

Faced with the demise of his homewaters the Kettle River, where low flows, excessive water extraction and climate change have caused trout stocks to plummet, British Columbian filmmaker and passionate fly fisherman Travis Lowe sets out on a journey to explore the mystique surrounding fly fishing Montana’s fabled spring creeks.

What he discovers in SPRING CREEK: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout is how numerous ranchers in Montana, have embraced angling as a means of economic diversification to help sustain their traditional way of life. Unlike in British Columbia where BIG AG is oblivious to minimum in stream trout flows and a hypocritical government, seemingly reluctant to protect a unique angling resource, favours development over conservation.  These problems have garnered the Kettle River, the unfortunate distinction of “The Most Endangered River in British Columbia” . What Lowe finds in Montana, will forever change the way he thinks about ranchers and their way of life.  A  discovery that  helps restore his hope for the future of water and trout in his homewaters of the Kettle River.

SPRING CREEK: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout is a film that should give all anglers an occasion for hope and maybe, just maybe…some really big fish.”

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