Take That! Ken Ferderer Lands a Monster Permit in the 1st Annual Palometa Club Permit Tournament in Mexico

Palometa Club

From May 17-24, the Palometa Club in Ascension Bay, Mexico hosted the first ever permit fly fishing tournament. From all accounts, the event was a success (and a blast), and we will have more details to come. But there is one item that could not wait: the monster (estimated) 45-50 pound permit landed by angler, Ken Ferderer! Not a bad land, especially at such an event!

The event was sponsored by a range of folks, including Howler Brothers, who made it their first “Howler Pilgrimage.” In addition, Jamie Howard from Howard Films and Matt Jones were on hand to document the event on film.


There will be more to come soon. To check out the Palometa Club, please click here.

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