Waypoints: More Photos from the Filming of the Confluence Films Venezuela Expedition

Photo: Jim Klug

Confluence Films has been taking on incredible fly fishing ventures recently while filming their upcoming film, Waypoints.

The first trip of the film took anglers to St. Brandon’s Atoll for a range saltwater species. In round two, Confluence Films made it deep into the jungles of Venezuela for an incredibly intriguing and toothy critter: the infamous payara.

Photo: Jim Klug

To further angler excitement over this incredible fish, we are posting photos taken on the expedition by Jim Klug, photographer, angler, adventurer, and filmmaker extraordinaire.

Photo: Jim Klug

Payara are bad arse, to say the least. They are not only a huge freshwater fish, but their teeth and mean look are appealing to many. Interestingly, their bottom jaw features a pair of extra long teeth.


Waypoints promises to be an exceptional fly fishing film. To check out more from Confluence Films, please click here.

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