Pebble Mine: This is the Time to Save Bristol Bay Alaska Salmon


This is the time to work for the protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Groups such as Trout Unlimited are putting the full court press on keeping Pebble Mine out of Bristol Bay. Please take a moment to add your voice. Click here to support Trout Unlimited’s efforts to squash Pebble Mine.

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  1. I am a Bristol Bay fisherman in support of keeping Pebble Mine from destroying the most abundant salmon run in the world. My love and livelihood aside, the Pebble issue is a beautiful test of whether corporate culture vs. human culture will agree to protect our common environment while pursuing our vested interests in ourselves.

    If the Bristol Bay salmon run disappeared, not only would an imperative link in a massive food chain break – a chain connecting both oceanic and land-based ecosystems – but economies along the entire coast would collapse. Would-be ex-fisherman, for lack of another way to provide for their families, would turn to the state government for assistance. The same state government, remember, that permitted Pebble Mine to be dug with full knowledge of the potential consequences.

    Last year, the EPA submitted their projections and evaluation of Pebble Mine potential effects on the Koktuli, Kvijack, and Nushagak watersheds, specifically as it applies to salmon. I recommend anyone interested in gathering scientific information on the topic read the draft report on the EPA website below, and form their opinion based on the facts presented while remembering that there is more at play than science here.

    EPA report:

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