Destination Belize: The Saltwater Fly Fishing Treasures of Central America with the Belize River Lodge

Belize River Lodge

Belize is a favorite among many saltwater anglers, and the Belize River Lodge is a favorite among many who travel to salty destinations.

The Belize River Lodge has experience that is almost unheard of for a saltwater fly fishing lodge, having been in continuous operation since 1960. Since then, many anglers have come and gone (and then returned as quickly as possible), and notable traveling anglers such as Jeff Currier have visited numerous times.

Not only is the fly fishing world class at the Belize River Lodge, but anglers are also treated to renowned hospitality and have access to eco-tours in the spectacular region, among other treats.

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  1. My wife and myself hope to, in the near future make it to Belize for some of your Saltwater Fly Fishing! Hoping that 2013 is your best ever year!

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