Fly Fishing Film: Hard-Core Angling Travel through South Africa in Against the Flow

Just when we thought the value of Twitter was growing even more in question, we caught wind (via their Twitter) of an excellent new fly fishing travel video project called Against the Flow.

Against the Flow is a 13-part video series that follows a group of anglers on fly fishing ventures through South Africa.

Against the Flow

In their words:

“Against The Flow is a road trip featuring four friends tracking the course of South Africa’s longest river. The 2300 km long river has over time been known variously as the Orange, Groot, Gariep, Senqu or simply Great River. This odyssey begins in the stark coastal desert of the Northern Cape, at the mouth. It ends sixty-five days later at the source in the verdant highlands of Lesotho. From white water rafting to the pursuit of Fly-fishing, the river is engaged intimately. Tracking westerly across South Africa’s Thirstlands a collage of towns, histories, landscapes and experiences are documented. Characters ranging from San Bushman to a small town cheerleader, tell stories of mystical man-eating river snakes, elusive diamond eating yellow fish and events that have shaped the lives of those living alongside this mighty waterway.”

The concept is thrilling for anglers of all sorts — from purists to travelers to backcountry trout bums. Against the Flow captures all thrilling aspects of fly fishing and introduces many anglers throughout the world to the angling treasures of South Africa.

Check out more about Against the Flow by clicking here.

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