Fly Fishing on Television: Tarpon in Nicaragua in “Treasures of the Rio San Juan”

NBC Nicagarua

Nicaragua is quickly becoming the site of exploratory saltwater fly fishing.

For the adventurous angler, Nicaragua provides remote experiences of fly fishing for a range of salty beasts, from giant tarpon in the jungles to tuna offshore.

For those who were recently energized by the video footage of chasing ‘poons from float tubes, the video eye candy perhaps continues with the airing of a new episode of Sport Fishing Television this Sunday that will take on Nicaragua tarpon.

From the filmmakers:

“Guest host John Frazier takes a trip into the wilds of central Nicaragua in search of the giant tarpon that live in the Rio San Juan, which flows southeast out of Lake Nicaragua toward the Caribbean Sea. Tag along with Frazier as he and guide Allan Tisseaux hunt these monster fish in a beautiful and untamed part of the world.”

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