Patagonia Stormfront Pack and Hip Pack for Fly Fishing on the Move

Patagonia Stormfront Pack

From Patagonia are two excellent packs for anglers carrying a load and on the move when fly fishing.

The first to note is the Stormfront® Pack (pictured above and in the video below). A waterproof backpack that also works as a dry bag, the Stormfront® Pack also carries a rod (great for the backcountry and hiking to spots).

Stormfront® Pack from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Another option is the Stormfront® Hip Pack. Also waterproof, this pack is both durable and weatherproof. It’s also nice to slide this pack around the front when needing to access something such as flies and tippet then move it to the rear when fishing.

Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack

Both packs are extremely durable and lack any unnecessary flair that would throw off your game by catching flies and line. No more getting flies stuck in the cloth of your pack!

To check out the Patagonia Stormfront® Pack click here.

To check out the Patagonia Stormfront® Hip Pack click here.

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