Plunging Into Saltwater: Top 10 Fly Fishing Knots from Fly Fishing in Saltwaters Magazine

Fly Fishing in Saltwaters

A deterring factor for anglers interested in diving into the world of saltwater fly fishing is the impression that it is a completely different ballgame. To some degree, although saltwater angling shares a great deal with freshwater fly fishing, the differences can seem overwhelming and anglers might feel as though they need to take on casting, species, knots, et cetera all over again.

One helpful crutch comes from Fly Fishing in Saltwaters magazine with their tutorials of the Top 10 Fly Fishing Knots. Making it seem as easy as it can be, these step-by-step instructions are quite helpful for saltwater-interested anglers.

To check out the tying instructions, please click here.

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