Fly Fishing Guide Profile: Tad Howard of Colorado Trout Hunters

Picking apart the rivers of Colorado is guide, Tad Howard, owner and operator of Colorado Trout Hunters.

Tad Howard has been widely recognized for many years as an incredible angler who can dismantle a trout river like none other. Putting together enough big-fish pics in several days that would satisfy most anglers for a lifetime, Tad has a knack for frequently, in fact very frequently, catching trout of notable size (such as the pig above). In addition, Tad often puts forth many pictures of those he is guiding with fish of massive size as well.

There are numerous characteristics of a great guide that Tad exhibits. One characteristic that is not necessarily widespread is the ability to frequently catch significant numbers of fish, many of them of substantial size. Certainly this is a characteristic that that anglers want in their guide as it might increase the odds of treasure of their own.

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