Brilliant Fly Fishing Photography of Matt Jones (The Fly Photo)

Without an overwritten introduction, filled with understated fluff, let’s just put it out there: the fly fishing photography of Matt Jones is incredible.

For quite some time it seemed as though it was all destined to be the same – all of the magazines were the same, with recycled articles and pictures. From the fly fishing magazines to the fly fishing ads to the photography – fly fishing has always been evolving, but the visual and written ways to document fly fishing was stagnant.

In recent years, there has been some progress. New magazines, new writers, and more sophisticated photography has freshened things up. Without question, Matt Jones stands out among fly fishing photographers. Not only does Matt take excellent photos, but his photos are different than what we’ve seen. It’s not simply dramatically improved fly fishing photography, but it’s a new look at the “sport.”

To check out the website (and photography) of Matt Jones, please click here.

To see Matt’s most recent newsletter (filled with plenty of angling eye-candy), please click here.

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