Fly Fishing Film: In Search of a Rising Tide from Howard Films Explores Bonefish Legends

A number of years ago, Jamie Howard and Howard Films launched into the fly fishing film scene with In Search of a Rising Tide.

Focusing on generations of guiding for bonefish on Andros Island, and culminating with bonefish guides Andy Smith and Charlie Neymour, In Search of a Rising Tide highlighted both passion and expertise from these guides who clearly live and breathe Andros bonefishing.

in search of a rising tide

From Howard Films:

“What began as a fishing film about the pursuit of a world record Bonefish on a fly rod, ended up a document for the preservation of a fishing culture and the ecosystem that created it …

The driving force of the story is the fishing reunion of two of the best guides in the world, Andy Smith and Charlie Neymour. It is a fishing trip for them that had not occurred since childhood. As the duo pole deeper into the flats, the film digs (often in wry Bahamian style) into the native fisherman’s clandestine world. With the saltwater flats as the backdrop, Howard seeks to find the things that shaped their hearts and minds for the challenge of catching the lightning fast Bonefish with a fly rod. He also discovers how such a skill was passed from one generation to the next (despite the encroachment of an increasingly modern world).”

In Search of a Rising Tide is a hard-find nowadays, as eBay and occasional fly shop shelves are the best options for those seeking to purchase the DVD. It’s a good grab if it can be found. Otherwise, to learn more about the film, please click here.

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