Fly Fishing Gear: Nautilus NV Reel for the Traveling Angler

Nautilus Reels makes incredible fly fishing reels.

Perhaps the most widely praised reel made by Nautilus is the NV reel. A big game or saltwater reel, the NV is an excellent piece of machinery. As Nautilus describes the reel:

“The NV series feature a larger version of the CCF drag system compared to their Nautilus CCF siblings, and stainless steel components have largely been replaced by ceramics and titanium.” The result is a die-hard piece of equipment that handles both the elements (ie saltwater) and hard-fighting fish beautifully. In addition, the reels are significantly lighter than other reels in their class.

Certainly such characteristics are critical to anglers who travel and expect the most of their equipment when so much is on the line. In addition, traveling anglers want to have versatile gear. With that, the NV is also available in the NV-G models (G is for Giga) which feature arbors that have a generous line and backing capacity. As such, one NV reel and spool could reduce amount of gear to travel with greatly, as one NV and spool could take on a range of line weights. Furthermore, corroded line and backing are of lesser concern with increased drying access on this mega (Giga) arbor.

To check out the specifics of the Nautilus NV reel as well as their other reels, please click here.

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