Saltwater Fly Fishing Travel on DVD: Uncharted Waters – Bassas Da India

Uncharted Waters – Bassas Da India (official trailer 2012) from Smokin Drag Productions on Vimeo.

A new DVD from Smokin Drag Productions has just been released that should be of interest to traveling anglers with an appetite for saltwater. Uncharted Waters (Bassas Da India) brings to anglers footage of saltwater fly (and spin) fishing in remarkable glory.

Uncharted Waters DVD

From flats to bluewater fly fishing, Uncharted Waters delivers scene after scene of bent-rod battles with some of the most remarkable saltwater fishes.

The premise of the film is described by Smokin Drag Productions as follows:

“A group of 6 friends travel over 250 miles on a 46 ft catamaran deep into the heart of the Mozambique channel. Their destination is Bassas Da India, a remote underwater volcano that rises up steeply from 3000 meters. With such an isolated location Bassas has been left to its own devices for centuries. Home to over 150 ship wrecks, countless pieces of treasure and jurassic sized fish. Armed with every fly and lure under the sun watch this group of friends on the ultimate fishing adventure.”

To explore this exploratory fly fishing film further, please click here.

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