Video: Russia Float Trip Fly Fishing with The Best of Kamchatka

The Best of Kamchatka Two Yurt River Float Trip from Will Blair on Vimeo.

The Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia is among the top destinations (if not the top) for freshwater fly anglers, and fly fishing Kamchatka is an indisputable adventure in every sense. Float trips on truly remote trophy trout-filled rivers lined with grizzly bear-packed lush forests are reached by helicopter and anglers spend their nights in camps. Adventure indeed!

The Best of Kamchatka has been guiding and nourishing expertise in this distant land for many years and offers anglers all of the riches of Eastern Russia’s esteemed trout waters. (In truth, The Best of Kamchatka has been exploring Kamchatka before most anglers had ever heard of it!)

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