Fly Fishing Book Recommendation: False Albacore by Tom Gilmore

There has been a great deal of social media buzz in the last few weeks related to false albacore. From the now widely-seen GoPro video from Santa Cruz, California of albacore anglers getting pursued by dolphins to heavy albacore catches from Florida to Rhode Island, bluewater fly anglers are enjoying the aggressive pull of these beautiful monsters.

For many anglers, jumping into bluewater fly fishing can seem daunting. For those seeking some relief from possible intimidation, Tom Gilmore has written, False Albacore: A Comprehensive Guide to Fly Fishing’s Hottest Fish.

Gilmore’s False Albacore is no less than the most comprehensive publication on albacore angling, and with the narrow focus of fly fishing for albacore, this is a must for anglers new to and used to fly fishing for albies.

False Albacore is thorough in all critical areas. Gilmore details the biology of the fish specie itself while also examining their (baitfish) prey and prime locations. Gilmore also offers gear specifics and recommendations as well as the best fly patterns for matching baitfish. Once that is covered (and ideally mastered), Gilmore handles techniques.

Gilmore’s claim that false albacore are “fly fishing’s hottest fish” is a claim worthy of making, and those who have hooked up rave about this torpedo of the deep. To bridge the entrance into perhaps new waters, check out False Albacore by Tom Gilmore.

To check out False Albacore: A Comprehensive Guide to Fly Fishing’s Hottest Fish, please click here.

Tim Harden

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