Do-It-Yourself Flats Fly Fishing Video from Faceless Fly Fishing Media

There “out of our element” – Faceless – Fly Fishing – from FACELESS FLY FISHING MEDIA on Vimeo.

We love Faceless Fly Fishing Media. At a time when it seems as though fly fishing is polluted with egomaniacs, the Faceless Fly Fishing Media folks are keeping it real and highlighting in photographs and film what it is all about.

In the video above, the Faceless crew head down south for a do-it-yourself flats trip. They explain:

“DIY fishing is not for the faint at heart, especially when you are out of your element. We travelled for 3 days and took 4 flights to get to our final destination in Central America. We even managed to do some fishing between flights; in some cases we only had a few hours but managed to find some seriously good opportunities along the way.”


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