Fly Fishing Travel, Photography, and Film from Catch Magazine

For enthusiasts of fly fishing photography and film, Catch Magazine is devoted to delivering plenty of eye-candy for angling lovers.

Described as the “Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography & Film,” Catch Magazine assembles an impressive team of fly fishing travelers who have a reputation for vividly documenting their global undertakings. Then contributing these endeavors to an interactive online magazine, anglers on the receiving end have access to image-rich stories from all over the world. In the most recent issue (August/September 2012 #24), readers can follow editor Brian O’Keefe to the Sea of Cortez for roosterfish or Francois Botha to the Congo, to name just two from the listing of stories.

The full experience of Catch Magazine requires a small fee, but as they break-it-down for you, each item of pleasure-packed content is merely pocket change in exchange.

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