Fly Fishing Travel on DVD: Soulfish 2: Fish Mode

Mikey Wier makes incredible fly fishing films. Period.

As we can all seen in the trailer above, Wier’s recent film effort, Soulfish 2: Fish Mode is truly, as they state it themselves, “an epic global Fly Fishing adventure.” Not only does the film feature fly fishing pursuits in savory destinations such as Egypt, Hawaii, British Columbia, Northern Mongolia, Belize, Mexico, Louisiana, and California, but it also showcases fly fishing’s most renowned experts such as Terry Duffield, April Vokey, Jeff Currier, and many others.

The $30 price for the film is industry/outdoor sports standard, but the length of the film goes beyond the norm. Sadly, many fly fishing DVDs end before the drool hits the floor. Like many of Wier’s films, the salivation can puddle for quite some time, as this jam-packed film clocks in at a glorious 90 minutes.

To check out Soulfish 2: Fish Mode, or to purchase the film, please click here.

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