Trump Administration Stealing Public Lands


They’re at it again! Trump flew around the country today announcing plans to take more of our public lands to make them available to the highest bidder. In this case, likely mining and oil companies. (Side note: the EPA is also easing requirements for mining companies to clean their toxic waste on public lands!)

Every voice is needed on this!

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2 thoughts

  1. This is entirely untrue and a distortion of the facts.

    Today Trump gave back Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante to the states by undoing a federal land grab. These lands don’t belong to the feds…they belong to the states and people.

    Fishing is one of the uses that becomes more difficult in an area designated a monument under the 1906
    Antiquities Act.

    If we want to have an educated debate, let’s get the real facts on the table. These are half truths and scare tactics.

  2. The oil and mining leases have already been outlined. It’s also available now for Utah to sell to private ownership and enterprise. Utah has been on the wrong side of almost every public access issue, and river access is now headed to the Supreme Court (because that was taken as well). These are the facts. They should be scary.

    Additionally, the outdoors industry moved the Outdoor Retailer Show out of Utah because of what they are doing to prevent access to public lands. We needed the Federal Government to keep it in our hands.

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