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There is no better way to spend the weekend than languidly sitting with a fishing rod trying to catch a juicy trout or excitedly hoping for a big catch with your fellow fanatical fly fishers. No matter what kind of angler you are, there is no denying the rush of excitement that ensues after catching a large salty critter.

June Lake, in particular, is the favorite destination for trout fishing fans. From serious anglers to novice fisherman – all kinds of people visit the picturesque lake and experience the invigorating effects of catching trout. However, before heading there, here are a few tips that will make fishing at June Lake an awesome mini-vacation:

How to Get There

The spectacular June Lake and its neighboring lakes are situated two miles off Highway 395. The June Lake Loop a 16-mile loop that runs by four lakes and between Lee Vining and Mammoth Lakes. Keep in mind that the north entrance is closed during winter but the south entrance to June Lake is always open.

It takes about 5 hours to reach the lake from Bakersfield in California (283 miles) and 6 hours from Los Angeles (323 miles). The lake is 2 and a half hours from Yosemite Valley (90 miles). Drivers should be cautious during the winter since driving conditions worsen during this time. These winter driving conditions occur from as early as October and continue to April. It’s advisable to call the California Department of Transportation at 1-800-427-7623 to get an idea of the driving conditions before leaving for the trip, especially during the winter.

Another important thing to keep in mind before going fishing at June Lake is to renew your fishing license. You can do it online here or renew it at one of the myriad local tackle shops near the lake such as Ernie’s Tackle & Ski Shop.


Kinds of Trout

California’s Eastern Sierra is lush with all kinds of popular trout such as rainbow trophy trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, golden trout and Alper’s trout (which is planted). June Lake is the only destination in California that houses the Lahontan cutthroat trout.

Note: It is essential is to pack a mosquito repellent or two since they can occasionally be a menace.

Best Fishing Spots

  • June Lake

There are a couple of good fishing spots in June Lake such as the road side of the lake, near the coves and around the marinas. Other great spots include near the beach area, on the west side and along the steep wall close to the reeds near Boulder Lodge. Shore fishing is great but you can also catch a nice large trout in the middle of the lake.

  • Gull Lake

The ideal spot to fish in Gull Lake is at a place called The Rock. It’s best to ask one of local supply shops where it is.

  • Silver Lake

Many anglers have experienced good fortune fishing at Silver Lake. Near the shore and parking areas has been particularly fruitful but you can also catch a nice rainbow trout at Rush Creek at the place where it enters the lake. However, be careful and make sure to watch your step since there is ample loose rock and gravel present here. Also, it is recommended to use float tube anglers.

  • Grant Lake

Fancy nabbing a delicious brown trout? Grant Lake is the place to be. The area around the peninsula, the narrow area near the marina and Sheepherder’s Bay are the best places to fish.


Fishing Guide Services

There are numerous guide services available at June Lake if you need some locals to assist you in choosing the right places to fish or if you want to catch a specific type of trout. They know the waters well. Performance Anglers, Reel Mammoth Adventures and The Trout Fly and Troutfitter are some reputed guide services.

Fishing Events in 2017

However, if you’re a fiercely competitive angler, you might want to participate in the various fishing events and competition hosted at June Lake. For example, the June Lake Loop Trout Tournament is coming up on September 2. For more information on the upcoming events, head here.

Other Cool Places to Check Out

While you’re fishing at June Lake for the weekend, don’t forget to visit the majestic Horsetail Falls, go hiking on the Parker Lake Trail, ride a horseback along McGee Canyon or enjoy a massage at Double Eagle Resort.

It’s now time to pack your bags, nets, flies and rods and get your boats ready in order to set off on that perfect weekend fishing trip. June Lake is a-calling!

About the author

Andrew Lowen and his family have been a part of the June Lake community since 1968, where they now own June Lake rentals for weekend enthusiasts. They love June Lake and are eager to share the experience with those who appreciate the grandeur that the Eastern Sierras have to offer.


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  1. We were there the last week of September. We didn’t go as far as June Lake but fished the Upper Owens, Rock Creek and my favorite place the San Joaquin. This is the BEST time to be in the Eastern Sierras, not only was the fly fishing spectacular but the wilderness was breathtaking – cold nights, crisp days and hungry trout. Next year, I’m planning on staying longer than a just a week . . . hopefully 🙂

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