Fly Fish for Golden Dorado in Salta, Argentina

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Fly fishing for golden dorado has received a great deal of attention recently as more and more anglers have headed to destinations in South America to test their skills and gear on these jungle monsters.

Juramento Fly Fishing offers golden dorado fly fishing opportunities in Salta, Argentina, and the Venturing Angler is pleased to be supporting a discounted rate on this extraordinary trip.

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While the hype for such trips has been more of a recent phenomena, Juramento Fly Fishing Company isn’t new to this game. With 20+ years of experience, Juramento Fly Fishing is the longest serving outfitter for golden dorado in Salta, Argentina, and is the exclusive operator on the Rio Dorado. And in addition to the monsters of the Rio Dorado, Juramento Fly Fishing accesses the Rio Juramento. Golden dorado in these areas have exceeded 40 pounds on the fly.

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Anglers can rest easy at El Tunal and Dorado River Lodge, and the six days of fishing come between comfortable accommodations, wine, great food, and more.

For those who mention the Venturing Angler, the rate for this trip is $3,600 per person for a 7 day program that is all inclusive (including shuttle, hotel, permits, breakfast, lunch and dinner). The minimum group is two people, maximum group of four people.

To check out more about this opportunity at Juramento Fly Fishing, please click here.

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