Video: DIY Bahamas Fly Fishing in “Make Me Walk on Salt”

Make Me Walk on Salt from Kelsey Wymore Photography on Vimeo.

A nice video from a DIY trip to the Bahamas.

From Kelsey Wymore Photography:

“Just the two of us DIY fly fishing in the Bahamas for bonefish, baby tarpon, and permit. To see more photos and species from this and other adventures, visit Kelsey Wymore Photography on Facebook

More on this destination:

The Bahamas are a series of islands and cays located just off the southeast coast of Florida and north of Cuba. For U.S. anglers, the Bahamas are an easily accessible saltwater fly fishing destination with some of the best bonefishing in the world.

While anglers have access to barracuda, tarpon, permit, and deep water species, the bonefish are the greatest draw for most anglers. Found in good numbers and also double-digit weights, these bonefish can be pursued year-round, and there are even opportunities for do-it-yourself anglers who want to walk the flats alone.

Of the specific spots within the Bahamas, Grand Bahama, Andros Island, Joulters, Abaco, Long Island, Crooked Island, and Deep Water Cay are among the most targeted spots, and there are plenty of other locations for anglers to access as well.


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