Video: Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado in the Bolivian Amazon

The Provo Bros took an epic trip in 2013, traveling to the Amazon in Bolivia to chase beastly golden dorado on the fly. Exploring jungles for an exotic, highly regarded and sought after critter, the video above highlights the awesomeness of the trip.

From the filmmakers:

“In August of 2013, we traveled to Bolivia. It was the craziest place we’ve ever been! This remote country has been on our radar ever since we became obsessed with riding mountains and fly-fishing, but it always seemed untouchable. All we wanted to do was catch a big Golden Dorado on the fly in a jungle choked, Amazonian headwater stream, but the trip evolved into something much greater. With the help of our friends Patrick Taendler, Federico Marancenbaum, and The Green Forrest lodge at Caño Negro, we had a rare opportunity to fish for a grand slam in the Amazon, and prepare monkeys for dinner on an open fire. To complete the adventure, we traveled into the Cordillera Real to the source of the river, reaching the highest point we’ve ever been, and shredded back down. It was awesome.”

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