Gear: Dry Packs for Fly Fishing Travel

When traveling for fly fishing for the first time, anglers sometimes come to the horrible and common scenario: one duffel bag and wet gear.

Sometimes (or often), gear such as waders, boots, and jackets might be soaked before needing to pack up. Mixing wet gear with everything else can be an unwanted mess. Below are some great options for dry bags to keep the wet gear separate within your duffel.

Simms dry pack

The waterproof Simms Dry Creek Roll Top costs $49.95 and has a 38 liter capacity. One slick feature is the see-through window on the side.

Fishpond dry pack

The Fishpond Westwater Roll Top Dry Bag comes in two sizes, a small for $37.95, and a large for $45.95. This bag features a transparent side window and a built-in D-ring.

William Joseph dry pack

The William Joseph Storm features a clip top and also has a transparent side window. An additional note-worthy feature is water resistant zippers. This puppy has the cheapest price tag of $29.95.

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