Destination Hawaii: Fly Fishing for Trophy Bonefish with Coach Duff’s Hawaiian Bonefishing

Sometimes American frontiersmen aren’t wearing a cowboy hat and riding horseback through the plains. At least in one case, the standard image of an American pioneer should be tossed aside and substituted with a tatted-up, long-haired former college football player soaring through tropical flats so far west that he is nearly in the Far East. And rather than forging ahead unsure of what lies ahead, this pioneer knows exactly what’s ahead of him as he hunts the flats for trophy bonefish.

Terry Duffield, or Coach Duff, was a steelheader of the Pacific Northwest before coaching football led him to the flats of Hawaii’s island of Ohau. Curiosity brought him to discover the true largely untapped potential of fly fishing for bonefish in Hawaii, and shortly after realizing the angling riches of Hawaii, he was the first to access then guide these waters with a flats boat.

Dr. Aaron Adams of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust holds a sizable Hawaiian bonefish.

Prior to the emergence of Coach Duff’s Hawaiian Bonefishing, virtually no one spoke of fly fishing in Hawaii because nearly no one knew what Hawaii offered to anglers. The world’s best bonefishing conversations involved talk of Florida and the Bahamas, but as Coach Duff argues, Hawaii is the best place in the world to catch trophy bonefish. What makes Hawaii the best? As Coach Duff contends, no where else is there year-round fly fishing for bonefish of notable size. What’s more, Hawaii isn’t too shabby of a place to fly fish for any specie, let alone the coveted bonefish. (Imagine the volcanic mountainous backdrop while you hunt the flats.)

Spam & Eggs

Coach Duff didn’t just put Hawaiian bonefishing on the map in recent years, as a guide, he is a beast. A Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructor, Coach Duff is a casting wizard who can assist anglers with their casting needs. As a tyer, Coach Duff knows a vice and has produced important bonefish flies, most notably, his signature Spam & Eggs fly (found at S.S. Flies).

For those he guides, Coach Duff not only knows the flats of Hawaii has their true pioneer, he knows bonefish to the degree that any scholar knows their academic subject. If there’s ever an honorary doctorate in bonefish, Coach Duff will be awarded it. And as he has earned the acclaim of the best fly fishing gear makers in the industry, Coach Duff puts the best gear in the world (ie Scott Fly Rods) in the hands of those he is guiding.

Coach Duff

With the whole package to offer, Coach Duff’s Hawaiian Bonefishing is an excellent bet for anglers looking to catch bonefish in Hawaii (or any place). A true pioneer in a new fly fishing frontier, Coach Duff is a go-to guide.

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